Responsibly Cultivated in Humboldt County, California


Responsibly Cultivated in Humboldt County, California


Humboldt's Finest


We live, work, and farm here in Humboldt County, California. This is a land of giants, where Earth’s last surviving ancient redwoods soar to the sky, powered by nothing but soil, sun, and water.



Sunlight filtered through foggy mornings and towering redwoods. It’s ideal for growing cannabis. It’s also the most abundant energy source on the planet. You don’t have to burn fossil fuels to make sunlight. Heritage grown farming is free of the artificial light and electric power grids indoor growers depend on. Best of all, it’s just as potent.



We believe heritage grown cannabis is the future. Our heritage grown cannabis production combines light deprivation greenhouses with natural growing principals to produce the highest quality flowers, comparable to and surpassing indoor grown.



Every product we make can be tracked back to the farm it was grown on. Find the farm name on your packaging and then come here to see photos of the farm from which it came.



We've crafted fun and educational videos about the farm culture in Humboldt. We hope you enjoy them!


 Humboldt's Finest New Products

Our new line of clean and sustainable products feature bags and compostable boxes with airtight foil sealed jars inside.

Our New On-the-Go Product - Available Now!

The New 7 Half Gram Pre-Roll Box

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Legend OG Indica 7 Half Gram Pre-Rolls


Strawberry Banana Indica 7 Half Gram Pre-Rolls


Ice Cream Cake Indica 7 Half Gram Pre-Rolls

Our new on-the-go, 7-pack pre-rolls are one of the best ways to enjoy Humboldt’s Finest cannabis. Available in a variety of 10 different strains, they provide convenience, ease-of-use, and our signature high quality and potency—all rolled up into one beautiful, user-friendly package. Designed for ultimate durability and protection, they store well, pack well, travel well, and fit into any purse or pocket.

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New Humboldt's Finest Flower Jar Size - Available Now!

The New Quarter Ounce Flower Jar

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Legend OG

Strawberry Banana Indica, Ice Cream Cake Indica, XJ-13 Hybrid, SFV OG Hybrid


Choose from an expanded selection of Humboldt’s Finest jar-size options and amazing strains with our new quarter ounce flower jar. It’s yet another great way to ensure that everyone gets the perfect amount of flower for their needs each time they order. When one eighth isn’t enough and a half ounce is too much, our new quarter ounce flower jar is just right.

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Another New Humboldt's Finest Flower Jar Size - Available Now!

The New One Ounce Flower Jar

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Strawberry Banana - Indica

Ice Cream Cake - Indica

SFV OG - Hybrid

Enjoy even more variety and expandability in Humboldt’s Finest jar-size choices with our new one ounce flower jar. We strive to provide exactly what works best for people’s changing needs and lifestyles. The arrival of our one ounce flower jar means we now offer the entire spectrum of measured cannabis quantities available on the market.

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Our Newest, Most Budget-Friendly, High-Quality Product is Here

Introducing the All New, Half Ounce Little Nugs Bags

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Our new Half Ounce Little Nugs Bags—You’re Going to Love Them! 

Created especially for budget-minded cannabis lovers, our new half ounce “Little Nugs” bags deliver our same high-quality flowers for an extremely affordable price. We save costs by packaging our premium nugs into 100% biodegradable bags that are sustainable and environmentally friendly—then pass those savings directly on to you. Simply place the empty bags into your trash can or compost pile.

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More of Humboldt's Finest New Products
Humboldt's Finest and Friendly Farms Get Together for Yet Another Out-of-this-World Collaboration: Live Resin Vape Cartridges


Humboldt's Finest Motorbreath Hybrid Live Resin Cartridge


Friendly Farms Live Resin "Liquid Live" Vape Cartridge


Humboldt's Finest SFV OG Hybrid Live Resin Cartridge

Ride the leading edge of live resin products with highly specialized live resin "liquid live" vape cartridges from Friendly Farms and Humboldt’s Finest. Friendly Farms revolutionized the live resin industry with their innovative, first-to-market extractions. Humboldt’s Finest is known for cultivating the finest heritage-grown cannabis on earth. Together, we’ve created one of the absolute best ways to enjoy cannabis.

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Humboldt's Finest New Products for 2020
Humboldt's Finest and Omura Join Forces for An Out-of-This-World Collaboration: Whole-Flower-Filled Vape Sticks


With Humboldt's Finest Sour Diesel X Lemon Kush Hybrid


Omura Series 1 Vape Stick


With Humboldt's Finest Motorbreath Hybrid

Next-generation vaping meets the world's best cannabis in the new Omura Series 1 Vape Stick—pre-packed and precision dosed with 100% Humboldt’s Finest Farms whole flower cannabis. Omura’s exclusive heat-not-burn technology delivers the full terpene taste profile of our flowers with minimal vapor, and without burning, charring, or ashing. It's the way premium cannabis was meant to be vaped.

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Our New Book is Now Available

Pick Up Your Copy on Amazon Today!

"Beautiful book and amazing photos really tell the story." -M. Sullivan, CA

Sustainable, Sun-Grown Cannabis By Justin Cannabis

A Visual Guide to Environmentally Friendly Marijuana

Sustainable, Sun-Grown Cannabis was written by Justin Cannabis who is well-known in the cannabis community as a prolific contributor of images to High Times magazine and several best-selling books on marijuana. In this book,

Justin shares his beautiful, sun-filled photographs to provide a behind-the-scenes look at Humboldt’s Finest Farms, a collection of growers in Northern California devoted to producing sustainable, sun-grown cannabis crops. Readers will learn the importance of conservation and a host of best practices for a sustainable future for cannabis.

What's Inside for You:

Every page of Sustainable, Sun-Grown Cannabis is filled with tips ranging from:

  • land and soil preparations
  • irrigation, plant selection
  • planting methods for optimal results
  • ideal lighting (sun and solar powered)
  • polyculture and permaculture
  • training and trellising
  • natural pest/animal control, and more.

Contains over 150 professional hi-resolution images that depict soil preparations, growth stages, conservation, harvesting, drying and curing processes, notes on preserving freshness, and more. Lovers of home-grown and commercial cannabis fans will find much to love and celebrate in this thoroughly in-depth book.

Sample Photos from the Book:

"I've always wanted to know more about what you all do up there in beautiful Humboldt County and now I do.  The book is charming and educational." -Heather M., CA

"Love the new book and am enjoying learning all about your farms and the history of how you got started and how you got to where you are today." -Paul T., AZ

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Humboldt's Finest is truly just that - the finest cannabis out there. I would give their products five stars across the board!

- Jane Zaster, CEO

Thanks for the great cannabis! I'm looking forward to trying all the other things you sell as well. Thanks for everything you all do up there in Humboldt.

- John Antye,TX

Love the t-shirts! Got one for everyone in the family and will next get some for my friends. Also great company so thanks for all you guys do up there in Humboldt.

- Jeff Touser, CA