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Every product we make can be tracked
back to the farm it was grown.

Meet Your Farmers

Big Leaf Ranch

Perched on a picturesque hill overlooking the Eel River, this farm boasts sweeping vistas in every direction. The climate and geography make for perfect, one-of-a-kind cannabis growing conditions.

Humboldt Nation Farm

A small, bustling farm that produces epic flowers. Buds grown here were featured on the cover of High Times, not once but twice. Here we’re perfecting and refining the sustainable sungrown techniques that we pioneered in Humboldt County.

Mattole River Farms

Here, it’s all about the river. The sparkling waters of the Mattole River wind their way past the crops, helping cool the air and providing a delightful spot for an afternoon swim. Hot days and cool nights create ideal conditions for our cannabis to flourish.