Big Leaf Ranch

Above the Eel River in Humboldt County, California

Location: Southern Humboldt (Redway)
Elevation: 400ft - 1600ft

  • Pristine mountainside location with beneficial microclimates produce superior flower

  • Sustainable water sourcing, solar energy and advanced permaculture techniques minimize environmental impact

  • Orchards, vineyards and ponds create an enchanting landscape

A Model that Other Farms Aspire to Be!

This loaded property includes several cannabis cultivation sites, vegetable and fruit gardens, olive trees, orchards and even some small pinot noir vineyards producing 1500 bottles of high quality wine annually. Sitting on approximately 500 acres of land ranging in elevation from 400 to 1600 feet and situated between the Eel River and a major water tributary, the property sits high above much of the Humboldt landscape boasting breathtaking views, ideal geography and the many natural benefits of the location.The south facing slope is blanketed in sunlight morning to evening, with multiple level sites each with its own elevation and microclimate, giving Big Leaf farmers the ability to find the location each strain is best suited for.

3 Million Gallons of Water Storage

Each of these grow sites is solar powered and off the grid, as is much of the rest of the property, significantly reducing power consumption on site. A constant light wind breezes through the property from the river valley, massively reducing the need for mechanical air movement, and keeps our plants happy and healthy. Our rain grown water system is fed through a network of rain catchment ponds totaling 3 million gallons of storage. Not only the cannabis but all other agriculture on the property is watered this way, leaving the natural groundwater where it belongs, in the ground.


A Rich Bountiful Soil System

When it comes to feeding our beloved crops we live by a simple motto at Big Leaf, "We grow the soil and the soil grows the plants." No chemical or liquid fertilizers are used here, instead, organic amendments are carefully formulated, conditioning teas are brewed on site and applied throughout the season, and cover crops are used to enhance the soil during the winter. This creates a rich, bountiful soil system that is not only sustainable but ideal for plant growth and development. Soil scientists test our soil each year to ensure best practices and results. Only food grade non GMO pest control is used at Big Leaf, and delivers the desired results while remaining uncompromising in our value of environmental and physical health.

Protecting the Environment

Our mission to protect the environment goes beyond our growing practices, as our team has spearheaded a voluntary meadow and woodland restoration program, eliminating invasive trees and plantlife in the area so native hardwoods and grasslands can flourish. We have also worked to restore local waterways by reducing erosion and river sedimentation, and have built improved road systems on the ranch.

We Love Our Farm!
We Love Our Farm!

The Owner's Lifelong Journey

Big Leaf Ranch owner Trent started the property in 2004, although his experience with cannabis has been a lifelong journey, being a third generation Humboldt resident, and second generation grower. His involvement is deep in the local community, being a founding member of the Southern Humboldt Business and Visitor Bureau (SHBVB), a non-profit group focused on tourism marketing, destination and community development in Southern Humboldt. One major goal is to assist the local community and businesses working together to transition into the new recreational cannabis economy. A diverse entrepreneur, he also owns a local garden store and a brewery.

Happy People Make Happy Plants

The ranch is managed by a happy husband and wife team Todd and Rhonda, with their now grown children, bringing a fun family feel to the farm. Our belief is that happy employees make happy plants, and we ensure that our staff enjoy living and working on our land. Hand crafted wooden cabins dot the landscape as comfy living quarters, and a recreational pond with swimming docks, a small music venue and a fire pit are the centerpiece of the property. We are proud to call Big Leaf Ranch home, and all who visit, feel the magic of the land and the people who care for it. This experience and love can be felt within each cannabis flower that is grown at our ranch, and we sincerely hope you get to enjoy it as we do.

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Photos of Big Leaf Ranch

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