Grown the way nature intended it.


Grown the way nature intended it.

What Heritage Grown Means


As long as it's not grown with high-intensity light and is grown organically in the sun, it's Heritage.

Heritage grown is simply cannabis grown in greenhouses, under the sun, the way nature intended it. Heritage grown can be cannabis grown in the full sun (known also as "outdoor" cannabis), grown in climate controlled greenhouses or grown in light deprivation greenhouses (known as "light dep"). As long as it's grown primarily with the sun, it's heritage grown in our books. We believe that heritage grown cannabis is better for the plant, the environment and our health.

Heritage grown cannabis, like wine grapes, has a flavor and taste that reflects the “terroir” where it was grown—the natural elements, like weather, soil conditions, and temperature. It’s an artisanal concept that’s brand-new to cannabis but catching on fast. Our heritage grown cannabis production combines light-deprivation greenhouses with natural, organic growing principles to produce better plants—and a healthier, high quality product for our customers.

Heritage grown cannabis is more time-consuming and takes longer to learn the farming techniques. Heritage grown cannabis takes master growers who understand cultivation and botany. We wouldn’t do it any other way. Once you try Humboldt’s Finest, we’re sure you’ll agree.


At Humboldt's Finest Farms, we’re helping to change the culture of cannabis held captive indoors, one heritage grown crop at a time.

Growing crops in natural sun produces premium cannabis that’s just as potent as indoor. That’s why “Heritage Grown” is not just a gimmick or a buzzword—it’s the future of cannabis farming.

Indoor grow rooms are a convenience that only benefits the grower. They’re good for discreet growing, and growing in any weather, in any location. There’s a short learning curve—anyone can learn the techniques. But large indoor growing facilities produce massive amount of toxic runoff and consume enormous energy and has enormous carbon footprint.


Please visit www.icfa.farm for more information.


Please visit www.icfa.farm for more information.


Zero. That’s the amount of coal-burning energy we use to grow our crops. Our crops are grown by the sun, the way nature intended it. We’re committed to careful stewardship of this land’s natural resources—including energy.

Using natural sunlight benefits everyone—even non-cannabis consumers. Artificial light in grow rooms uses an enormous amount of energy—and in cities, this is usually coal-powered energy. Our plants don’t contribute to fossil fuel consumption, or increase pollution from coal-burning plants.


Our cannabis is grown without chemical pesticides or fungicides. Natural pest management includes using ladybugs to control aphids and predictor spider mites to control mites that can destroy otherwise healthy gardens.  We fertilize only with the highest quality and sustainable nutrient that we can source.

We employ ecological soil building techniques like nitrogen-fixing cover crops, so the nutrient-rich soil can be restored and renewed, instead of depleted permanently.



There’s a reason it’s called a temperate rainforest. Graced with an average of 80-100 inches of pure, crystal-clear rain a year, Humboldt County is ideal for harvesting rainwater on a large scale. We capture and store the rain during the wet season and use it to water crops in the dry season. Our farms use specialized tanks and ponds to store the water we need.

This means we don’t have to pump water from springs, creeks and rivers during the dry season. These labor-intensive efforts support the ongoing restoration of the Mattole and Eel Rivers, and allows the salmon populations to flourish after being decimated by logging.

Not only do we consider our cannabis Heritage Grown but we also like to consider it rain grown. It's also 100% lab tested guaranteed.


All of Humboldt's Finest products undergo phase 3 state regulations testing from a state approved lab. All our products are tested with the critically acclaimed state approved lab, NRCSCO Laboratories. Please visit them at www.cannabis.anrsc.com.

All Humboldt's Finest products are:

  • Grown in Humboldt
  • Organically Grown
  • Phase 3 Lab Tested

If you would like to see any of our certifications just let us know and we'd be happy to share those with you.