Welcome to Humboldt County, California.


Welcome to Humboldt County, California

Who Are We

First, we’re farmers. For 20 years, we’ve farmed in the shadows of the tallest trees on Earth, at the edge of a primeval forest—the largest stand of old-growth redwoods in the world. The soil is rich, the water is pure, and the moist coastal air is a potent growth serum for living things. Why not harness the power of these natural elements to produce cannabis that’s pure, clean, and fresh?

And that’s exactly what we do at Humboldt’s Finest Farms. We farm outside, growing plants in natural light—not in captivity indoors. We started with a small plot of perfect land nestled at the edge of an ancient redwood forest. Now we tend a handful of farms right here in Humboldt County, California.

With our smart energy use, careful soil technologies, and diligent water conservation, Humboldt’s Finest Farms is proud to be leading the way for the future. Our “farm-to-table” aesthetic and meticulous attention to sustainability is setting a new standard in cannabis production.


For centuries, Humboldt County has attracted independent thinkers seeking a closer connection to nature, and a different way of life. As you approach this wild, lush, sparsely populated place—miles from anything resembling a city—you pass through ancient redwood forests and cross a frontier—a physical frontier and a psychological one. Longtime residents call this “Redwood Curtain.” Visitors leave the old world behind and gain a new perspective here. In Humboldt, farmers live off the land, and off the grid. We follow what’s known as Humboldt Time, the timeless way of all farmers, where we wake up with the sun and strict timetables don’t exist.


Many of today’s Humboldt residents are second-generation cannabis farmers. They’re the children and grandchildren of the counterculture “hippies” and urban refugees of the 60s and 70s. They came to these quiet forests and formed communities, built their own schools, and even printed their own money—and did it off the grid. These residents were also instrumental in preserving the surviving old-growth redwood forests after 90% had been destroyed by the logging industry. In 1968, with their help, Redwood National Park was established.

They lived off the land, growing their own food—and their own cannabis. Some are the master growers of today. This pioneering spirit has evolved into a return to old-school farming techniques handed down like closely guarded secrets to the next generation. Today, one-fifth of Humboldt residents are cannabis farmers and 25% of the economy is from cannabis.


Our Master Growers are true artisans. They are next-level botanists. Everything they do is infused with the Humboldt ethos—take care of the land and it will take care of you. It means careful soil ecology, sustainable water use, and nontoxic pest control. No chemical fertilizers. No artificial lights. Our way is slower and costs a little more money. It takes more sweat. Your hands get dirtier. But we wouldn’t do it any other way.


Cool nights, hot days, lots of rain, zero pollution. Sunlight filtering through the trees. Soft ocean breezes spreading down the hills and into the valleys. Thick fog floating in from the coast.

It’s a magical combination of sun, soil, and soul that isn’t found anywhere else on Earth—which is why the tallest trees on Earth are only found here. The elements that grow the mighty redwoods are the same ingredients that power our plants. These ancient trees are symbols of resilience, wisdom and strength, and have been drawing residence for decades to live, farm, and homestead in their shadow.


Nestled in the northwest corner of California, Humboldt County is world-famous for its spectacular natural beauty and perfect climate for growing strong, robust plants. At the coast, emerald-green forests grow right down to the turquoise Pacific Ocean. Further inland, sparkling inland rivers meander through green meadows. Humboldt County is home to Earth’s last surviving coastal redwood trees—the tallest living things on Earth. It’s bordered to the west with 100 miles of rugged coastline—more than any other county in the state, including a few black sand beaches. A small, hardy surf culture braves cold Pacific waters and rough breaks on the forbidding, inaccessible Lost Coast. Humboldt County is world-famous for growing the finest cannabis in the world.

There’s no place on Earth quite like the beauty and serenity of Humboldt County.